Woo, a graph! Well, not really a graph, just an audio timeline from FL Studio. I made this as a mockup of how realtime-adaptive music could potentially work in Gloomwood. The overlaid lines represent the volume of each track, controlled by an in-game variable.


The bottom track, for example, is the walking tuba you hear at around 0:20, representing a police constable passing close by. It’s a bit of flavour and tension, and potentially a way of alerting the player if they’re about to do something nefarious and haven’t looked around first.

At about 1:25 there’s a version of the entire track rendered through a reversed-echo amp model, which gives a sort of twinkly “lots of spirits crying” effect; this is represented by the third (light blue) channel in the graph and could be used to inform the player that something nearby is resonating magical energy.

The green track contains the…

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