I love all kinds of games for all kinds of reasons. Playing and designing tabletop games is one of my passions, and I strongly believe that a lot of the skills that go into digital game design are applicable when it comes to our cardboard-oriented friends as well.


DANGERCUBE is a 3-6 player boardgame which takes roughly 30 minutes to play. You all play the producers of a televised fight-to-the-death between 4 combatants, setting up traps and maneuvering contestants around or through them. I demo’d it a bunch at GEEK 2017 and it’ll also be at Uncon later in the year!


Maid in Sherwood is a game of hidden movement, special roles and trickery for 2-5 players. It was my entry into the 2017 Game Crafter Hidden Movement Game Design Contest. The game isn’t available to buy yet but you can download the rulebook here.


Dinky Lil’ Dungeon is a Roll & Write game about competitive dungeon-designing for 1-LOTS OF players. You just need squared paper, a pen, and a set of yellow and red dice per player.

Other designs I continue to return to and wrestle with on a regular basis are:

  • a euro-game about managing a department in a Wizard University.
  • a game about running a dating agency for fantasy heroes.
  • a game about the golden era of the NYC graffiti scene.

If you’re a publisher or designer in this space who is looking for a consulting developer or co-designer to help you out with your next tabletop game, please get in touch.