My semi-coop arena battler deduction/deception game Dangercube has changed A LOT since I started it in early 2017. I neglected to blog about it at the time, but I’ve got a good backlog of notes, so here they are, preened and pruned and arranged in a sort-of-logical order below (newest at top).

PRO-TIP: Although this one looks quite fancy, the whole project has been a bit of an exercise in premature over-production, and although there are some interesting concepts in there, it needs to go back to the drawing board, again!

Here’s the current iteration of the Dangercube Rulebook and a brief pitch/overview video below:

Dangercube: Sexy New 80s-VHS-Style Sellsheet!

Dangercube: the Pre-Con Prototype-Polishing Braindump

Dangercube: Finally Finding the Fun

Dangercube’s Development from Prototype to Beta

Dangercube: Mechanical/Thematic Origins