One of my long-time design projects: Hook-Up Heroes is a card game for 2-4 players, where each player plays the role of a romantic matchmaker in a generic Tolkienesque fantasy world of elves and mages and whatnot.

I’m not actively working on it at the moment but I still this it’s a neat idea as I’m always a fan of asking players to do mundane things in fantasy worlds.

NB: I am using a lot of un-sanctioned art as placeholder so please lemme know if you want anything taken down and I can do that.

blog 2 banditqueen

I’ll try to keep this page updated with links to every stage of the process.

devblog 5: making trait icons attractive and colorblind-friendly

devblog 4:  back to basics and sending heroes on dates

devblog 3: first prototype items for sneaky rogue heroes

devblog 2: designing the trait and compatibility systems

devblog 1: introducing the game