I also dabble in interactive fiction and, more commonly, Twitter bots… I have a strong interest in procedural content generation, particularly when it’s not just used to churn out levels. Below are some examples of my work in this area. If you’re working on any sort of project requiring some help with narrative design, feel free to get in touch.


@str_voyage is generating an ongoing story about a group of refugees travelling by boat in a kind of new weird/steampunk dark fantasy world.

@thanetguide is a story-generator about a post-apocalyptic survivor in my hometown(s) in Thanet, south east England.

@soundadvicebot is a collaboration between myself and @homestudiodoc – an audio engineer. it gives out dubious advice for audio engineers and producers.

@traindroid_se was a silly, quick little experiment using train station announcements and dystopian scifi imagery.


Digital Bonsai: Hands-Free Storytelling – an article I wrote for local writer’s group Thanet Writers. It briefly covers the ideas behind We’re All In This Together and some of my  Twitter bots.

Composure newsletter series feature on @str_voyage

RefractMag interview about @str_voyage


During 2015 I made a scifi-horror Twine called We’re All In This Together. In the game, you play an “inspector” in a near-future London, tasked with rooting out individuals with a hallucinatory affliction by scanning their memories. The story unfolds through the protagonist’s daily work routine. [If you’ve played the game and you want to know what it means to me as a work about politics and social technologies, you can read this post.]

Haiku Gacha is a very simple Twine file which generates trite emo haikus, with a timer which counts down to when the next one is available.